Top-10 Facts About Plagiarism

Read about 10 most interesting and little known facts about plagiarism


Reform of Copyright in Canada

Canada is one of the leading fronts of the war of both the copyright owners and the Internet. Despite the excellent copyright laws, the country always gets in the State Department's list of USTR301 for ‘support of piracy’.


Famous Plagiarists

Plagiarism is bad and the word 'a plagiarist' is almost a curse. We know it from childhood. And yet, few of the great creators in various fields from science to music in their life avoided accusations of plagiarism.


The History of Copyright and it’s Principles

In Greece, Roman Empire or in Middle ages of Europe, there was no problem with something that today is called intellectual property. Paintings were drawn for months and usually on the walls in the mural or mosaic forms. Books were copied by entire monasteries, and the bookmarket was so small and so out-of-bounds, that even the authors couldn’t measure the edition of their works. However, the writers of the time died in agony without an heir behind. So no one cared about the problem.


How Can We Affect Plagiarists?

To scale plagiarism down is not a piece of cake. The antidote to them does not exist at all. In case you have revealed the copy of your own text, everything is up to the site's owner and hosting provider.


University Plagiarism Checker

Every year more and more learners face the problem of checking their abstracts, term papers and degree works especially for originality - the percentage of borrowings and plagiarism. So, automatic free plagiarism checkers become more popular constantly.


Plagiarism Checker Percentage

How to check plagiarism percentages properly and how do you need to use such software in general?


Avoiding Plagiarism Tool and How to Make a Text Original

The problem of plagiarism becomes urgent because of the huge amount of information available due to an era of computerization. Students, publishers, content managers steal someone’s thoughts and pretend to be their authors. That’s why the question of avoidance of plagiarism and detection software becomes more popular.

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