How to start a paragraph

How to start a paragraph Here you can find information on how to improve your writing by structuring the text. You will learn the meaning of a paragraph and how to choose engaging words to start it.


Tips for Students to Avoid Plagiarism

In this article we want to cast some light on the problem of plagiarism, and tell how to increase the percentage of text originality. Here, we want to destroy some myths about popular methods on finding a way around some antiplagiarism programs as well as offer some tips on how to change a plagiarized work.


Overview: the Types of Plagiarism You Should Be Aware of

Plagisrism is now a very popular topic to discuss in different fields of science and education. Likewise, it occurs in media quite often, and we hear a new scandal about a professor whose scientific work was plagiarized. That's why today we want to talk about different types of plagiarism.


How to Protect Your Essay from Plagiarism

Facing plagiarism in a student's essay is, probably, the most common problem for schools and universities all over the world.


What Do You Know About Plagiarism?

Nowadays almost every person uses the products of other people's intellectual labour in some way. However, some people may only take the main idea from the basis, and others may download a few articles from the internet, combine texts and an adequate work appears. Everyone's familiar with the cases of plagiarism. But what's usually included in this term?


A Fight Against Plagiarism among Students is Getting Serious

Nowadays in the technical era, we hear about different stories concerning plagiarism scandals in the educational sector more frequently. The news mentions that even some professors\' dissertations are qualified as cases of plagiarism, and it, obviously, may cost them the whole professional career.


5 Ways to Protect Your Copyright

Copyright protects intellectual property: web content, software, video and audio records, articles, art and scholarly works. Copyright doesn’t allow other people to use your creative product without your permission. It allows you to take fee for using your product.


Ten Famous Cases of Plagiarism in Music

Plagiarism in music is a contradictory phenomenon. Taking into account a great number of performers in the world and an even bigger number of songs, it is virtually possible to create something unique.

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