Plagiarism Detection Software: When to Use and How to Download

AntiPlagiarism.NET provides a wide range of services

System requirements

How to avoid such a popular problem as plagiarism? Is it possible to quickly detect whether some text is original or it was stolen even partially? How to prevent yourself from accidental plagiarism and ensure you won’t be accused in writing fraud? There is a special tool which helps to reach these aims. It is called plagiarism detection software.

How does plagiarism checker work?

Advanced plagiarism checker software is developed to find similarities between the text which is checked and billions of others previously published. High-quality software to check plagiarism has its own plagiarism program database and uses lots of internet sources to compare with.

The checker not only finds fully similar texts but also detects separate coincidences of long phrases or parts of the sentences.

Full and short versions of plagiarism detector

Some software to find plagiarism is represented by short and full versions.

  • Plagiarism check software full version is often provided for additional payment and allows using some extra options. Among them there are usually grammar check, SEO services etc.
  • Plagiarism checker software free version gives limited number of plagiarize detections, cannot work with huge texts, such as dissertations, articles more than 1000 words, or it may work slower.

Safe downloads and expert advice

To prevent any harm to your digital device always choose carefully what to download and install on your computer. Software to detect plagiarism has to be safe, checked for viruses and recommended by experts. These guarantee its proper work without the threats to your operational system. 

Also whatever it is, paid or free software for plagiarism checker, the interface has to be well-developed ant easy to understand. Handy menu enables quick and correct usage.

Sometimes plagiarism detector program requires too much space on the hard disk. If you haven’t got some additional memory to store the software, you’ll prefer online free similarity checker. 

How to check instantly if your online content has been stolen?

Some software for plagiarism can test content published on the pages of website and search for content stealing. So detecting prevents the thieves from copyright breaking, especially if you place a warning about using this scanner. Sometimes checking it takes too much time and needs regularity. So you can use automatic software to check for plagiarism. You just have to choose necessary settings. And copy checker software will automatically monitor the web and look for copies of your pages. If it finds coincidences you receive the warning about it via email.

Such protection for the sites against online plagiarism has become very popular. You don’t need to check the website manually many times. Still plagiarism detector software is firstly invented to check every text before its publishing. You need to add only unique content and the authorship will remain yours even if the texts will appear somewhere else.

AntiPlagiarism.NET provides a wide range of services. It allows to:


  • precisely define the text uniqueness percentage
  • locate and mark non-unique text fragments directly on the found copy of a web page that simplifies the textual document uniqueness detection
  • carry out the batch search of the whole files folder
  • check all the web pages for uniqueness, giving a detailed report on the web-site
  • mark non-unique fragments with different colours according to the percentage of the matches
  • search the saved copies of the search engines for matches
  • give detailed reports on the content uniqueness check with the settings of different search conditions such as the text selections number and the number of words in a shingle etc. available
  • show non-unique phrases by marking it with different colours, allowing to edit it right there and send the altered copy to be checked again
  • work with proxy lists
  • recognize the search engines captchas
  • log the check results
  • and other services

Using the programme, you can check even the whole web-site or a few hundred pages at once. After such a profound content check the possibility to get banned by the search engines is out of the question. Moreover, there is an opportunity to trace the uniqueness percentage of the texts posted on the Internet.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Internet access is required
  • Microsoft Office is required to access MS Word documents (or Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs)
  • Intel® Pentium® III processor or higher (multi-core processor is recommended)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 100 Mb free hard disk space

AntiPlagiarism.NET -
Plagiarism Detection Software
List of benefits
  • Accurately determine the percentage of the uniqueness of the text
  • Locate and highlight non-unique snippets of text directly on the restored copy of the webpage
  • Сarry out the batch search of the whole files folder
The free full version is available during a day
  • Check the web pages for uniqueness
  • Look for matches to the stored copies of the search engines
  • Work with proxy lists etc.