Plagiarism Checker Software Features


  • Searching for plagiarism in the index of the largest search engines (including saved copies of pages)
  • Defining of the so-called uniqueness of the text in percentage terms
  • Highlighting of duplicate fragments both in the text under observation and in the recreated copy of the source web-page Editor Page
  • Uncovering of the dirty methods of uniqueness making – among these methods is substitution of letters with identical letters of the other languages, insertion of hidden utf-symbols
  • Wide variety of search condition settings – sample size, number of words in a shingle, etc
  • Pre-defined settings – "Default", "Express", "Deep" Preferences - general
  • Possibility of defining of the url-pages and the whole domains which will be ignored during the check process Preferences - exceptions
  • Manual entering or automatical recognition (through API antigate) of search engines captchas
  • Working with proxy lists (which minimizes probability of being blocked by search engines) Preferences - other
  • Saving a detailed report on the check results
  • .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .html, .txt, .rtf- formats support
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • "Website check" – checking pages of the site for plagiarism (you can also specify a list of addresses in a text file) Website check
  • "Batch check" – checking several files from a given folder Batch check
  • "Local check" – checking a document for plagiarism from a local directory indexed by Windows OS Local check
  • "Image check" – checking a photo for duplicates Image check
  • "Texts comparison" – defining of the similarity between two texts Texts comparison
  • "Seo service" – SEO-analyzing of defined addresses/domains: detecting Google Pr, Yandex TIC, number of pages indexed by Google and Yandex, presence in Yandex Directory, DMOZ, etc.) Seo service
AntiPlagiarism.NET -
Plagiarism Detection Software
List of benefits
  • Accurately determine the percentage of the uniqueness of the text
  • Locate and highlight non-unique snippets of text directly on the restored copy of the webpage
  • Сarry out the batch search of the whole files folder
The free full version is available during a day
  • Check the web pages for uniqueness
  • Look for matches to the stored copies of the search engines
  • Work with proxy lists etc.