Top-10 Facts About Plagiarism

1. Fonts

The Arial font, used by Microsoft for 19 years is nothing more, than the Helvetica font, established in 1957. This case is quite known to professional printers. However, the issue has never been examined in the court.

2. Subconscious plagiarism

In 1971 former member of The Beatles George Harrison unintentionally used a tune of girl band The Chiffons on his album “My Sweet Lord”. Label, who owned the right to this song, sued Harrison for $1.6 million compensation.

3. Dr. Boy and Wii

In the People's Republic of China video game consoles are also popular - but not the ones, produced in the capitalistic countries.  Chinese manufacturers produce Game Boy and Wii consoles’ clones, which are then sold as Dr. Boy and Wii. Externally prototypes and its’ clones are quite alike.

4. Scientific plagiarism

Today, universities of Russia are using a program to check students' works for plagiarism. But scientists do not disdain to use plagiarism too. In 2010, a program was tested in Germany, that allows you to determine the authenticity of scientific texts. The results were stunning: the total number of matches in some studies was up to 60%.

5. In Germany, it's allowed to copy websites

Hamm Higher Regional Court made a decision to allow website's source code including all the images to be copied without any permissions. Copyright doesn't apply to website and it's filling.

6. Plagiarius

In the 70s Germany came up with annual Plagiarius Award to recognize the wildest fakes.

7. Hidden message

In the 80s, developers of the MicroVAX 3000 were expected, that this processor will be closely studied by the USSR. That's why they made an etching on the chip - hidden message to soviet engineers.

8. eBay is guilty

eBay has to take all responsibility for selling counterfeits on its internet auction website - this is the Supreme Federal Court of Germany verdict. This comes from an assumption that it is eBay's fault that made it possible for such crimes to take place.

9. Checkmate!

It is assumed that Rybka — a multiple winner of the World Computer Chess Championship - is a modified copy of the previous champion Fruit 2.1.

10. This insidious freeware

Despite the name, freeware programs are not free. They can be used for free, but the alteration tends to be a copyright infringement.

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