A Fight Against Plagiarism among Students is Getting Serious

Nowadays in the technical era, we hear about different stories concerning plagiarism scandals in the educational sector more frequently. The news mentions that even some professors' dissertations are qualified as cases of plagiarism, and it, obviously, may cost them the whole professional career.

essay checker freeIn the modern educational process for students, it's becoming harder and harder to express their own ideas without borrowing some thoughts from the Internet. While you write an essay or a dissertation it is easier to copy paste some texts from different works, especially when there is a plenty of various online resources that provide scientific works on every possible topic for your study essay.

However, now almost every university or college (not only prestigious and world-famous ones) are considered to have a corporate plagiarism detection. This fight against plagiarism is becoming routine for educational institutions in every developed country. It means that every student in order to be allowed to continue study process should be sure that his/her work doesn't contain plagiarism.

The best way to avoid possible problems is to use the antiplagiarism software. It means before handing in your paper to a professor for checking it is better for you to use an accurate plagiarism checker first. Since modern technologies don't oblige you to download the program, your paper can be checked online via free essay checker.

The plagiarism detection issues are so relevant now, because if placed it under close scrutiny the statistic is extremely frightening. More specifically, according to The Times, approximately 50 000 cases of plagiarism have been revealed in the UK universities during last 3 years. Surprisingly, the worst cheaters turned out to be international students from the outside of EU. Without a doubt, as a result, the student's reputation suffers and, of course, the future professional career would be detracted because of the pure and simple laziness of doing your work on your own. 

Plagiarized fragments in some researches can even be harmful to people. For instance, if we talk about researches in medical school, cheating in such a type of content can cause problems and medical errors later. So, do not hesitate to get help from any dissertation plagiarism checker.

free accurate plagiarism checker

The usage of plagiarism fragments may have serious consequences for students – different penalties, probation, suspending or even explosion. We've put together some facts about consequences that can happen if you are being caught in using plagiarism: 

  1. Your paper can be failed or unaccepted by a professor. It is remarkable that in some cases professors may decide to give a failed results to the whole class in order to prevent even thoughts about stealing some content from various resources.
  2. Your professor would deliver a report about the problem to the administration board. And as a result of this, the student who was caught on the plagiarism usage can  probably  be suspended for some time from an educational process.
  3. Expulsion. Nowadays it is very important for universities to form their positive reputation proven by the highest level of scientific researches. It means that they would punish “cheaters” significantly without exceptions. For example, about 8000 Chinese students were expelled from universities in the US in 2014. Mostly it was because of cheating, including cases of plagiarism.

Summing up, now it is a key-requirement for students papers, essays, or dissertations to evaluate the uniqueness of the text via free accurate plagiarism checker.


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