How to Protect Your Essay from Plagiarism

Facing plagiarism in a student's essay is, probably, the most common problem for schools and universities all over the world. This problem is getting more serious since the Internet is becoming ubiquitous, and that's why some plagiarism scandals are in a spotlight at the time. To understand how to reduce the number of plagiarised papers and researches, firstly, let's try to define plagiarism in education field. Plagiarism in research emerges when a student claims authorship of someone's work intentionally. It can be taken from published articles, scientific researches, term papers, technical inventions etc. More specifically, plagiarism can be considered as breach of the law and has legal consequences for a person whose custom is to use plagiarism in writing papers.

plagiarism research paper

The problem of plagiarism is considered to be so serious, because when got into the Internet a text turns out to be in the public domain. The development of Internet literacy opens ways for plagiarism to get into different aspects of social life. In education among students there are few types of plagiarism in papers:

  • full or partial content borrowing (plagiarism) from someone's academic works and publish it under your name

  • compilation, when personal and borrowed ideas are mixed in the text without reference to an original text

  • rewrite, when a student borrows some ideas and express them differently, using different words, and again without any reference to an original source

Modern computer technologies try to meet social requirements in order to solve up-to-date problems, like plagiarism in education. And software developers compete to provide us with relevant anti-plagiarism strategies for research papers that are put in the core of various plagiarism checkers for students.

It is easier to find cases of plagiarism in humanities rather than in STEM disciplines. Indeed, here it's easier to combine ideas, supported by someone's thoughts and someone's hard work. However, there are many programs that are commonly used by different educational institutions in order to define plagiarized fragments in students term papers or research works. And when caught on plagiarism usage student may get into serious trouble, like being reprimanded, suspended, or even be expelled. To avoid such problems a current-day student needs to know how to use plagiarism checkers that are available online. Technologies do not stand still, they're progressing almost every day now. As a result, you can find everything online - even a free plagiarism checker, that will check your research paper and you'll be sure that you won't have problems while handing your work to a university's professor.

plagiarism essayIf you do not use antiplagiarism software knowing that you did not copy any texts from other works and publications, you can fall into a trap. It is interesting, but you may have some fragments of your paper been plagiarized unintentionally. The reason for this hides in time when you prepare for your work, selecting academic materials, reading additional publications, going through some scientific papers in order to understand what have been already done in this field before. So, as you read various resources dedicated to one problem, it is significantly easy to start using ideas that you have already seen for your paper. Of course, it would be unintentionally, and you may not notice this process doing your writing. However, your work may contain plagiarized thoughts, that's why after checking by a university's plagiarism software you may have some problems despite of the fact that you borrowed some ideas without wrong intention.

It is how plagiarism problems can be tricky sometimes, moreover, this problem increases with internet development, because the amount of consumed by people information increases dramatically as well. Therefore, a possible solution for you not to worry about your education process is to choose a relevant plagiarism checker.

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