25.04.16,Mehran Ud din:comment

I have no complaint just i have one question about that the data which i check through this software would be submitted to net or not? means that my data will be safe after checking on it??  


Mehran Ud din,

21.04.16,Anand Motwani:comment

It is a nice product with features like speed and accuracy in terms of best findings in comparison to other tools.
A small thing that is required is the report in html format.  


You can choose html format for saving reports (File / Save report / Save as type => *.html)  

22.01.16,k vyas:comment

please describe colour meaning when report is genertated it show various colour in context.explain colour indication .  


Colors are random (except yellow that means a match with more than one source).  


i've downladed it just now, already given it a try - soooo nice stuff!  


This one is real good, i didn't expect it would be so user friendly, but turned out it is. I had no prob using it  


Super program!  


Hey, sbutle must be your middle name. Great post!  


We've arrived at the end of the line and I have what I need!  


With the completely redesigned interface  


The program is great! Thanks  


The program is very good, if I notice any bugs I`ll write you about it. May be I`ll be of service to help to improve it.  


Thank you! A very useful program.  


A very worthy product. The most remarkable service is the whole site check. I`ve chosen it as it`s very easy-to-use.  


Good afternoon! Good program.  

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