New AntiPlagiarism.Net version is available now.
The program changes are as follows:

- Interaction with Yandex (captchas quantity reduction) is improved
- Some improvements in interaction with search engines
- Usage of proxy list while downloading the pages from the search engines cache
- The possibility of usage of text separators (special html-comments used to separate the text from other parts of the page layout) during Website Checking
- Problems of downloading of some https-sites, that demands protocol no lower than tls 1.1, are solved (will work only using .NET Framework 4.5 and higher versions)
- Possibility of changing the size of the window with captcha
- More efficient captchas accuracy checking before sending to anticaptcha server
- Outdated parameters are deleted from SEO-checking interface
- Corrections in SEO-checking (definition of indexing in Yandex and Google)
- Accounting of the line breaks for html-marked text in browser
- Some corrections in photo checking
- An error of https-addresses autocompletion in Website checking is corrected
- Fixed bugs

AntiPlagiarism.NET -
Plagiarism Detection Software
List of benefits
  • Accurately determine the percentage of the uniqueness of the text
  • Locate and highlight non-unique snippets of text directly on the restored copy of the webpage
  • Сarry out the batch search of the whole files folder
The free full version is available during a day
  • Check the web pages for uniqueness
  • Look for matches to the stored copies of the search engines
  • Work with proxy lists etc.