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The problem of stealing content is among the worst results of informational era. The access to all information ever published online allows anyone use it without permission or even pretend to be the author of stolen content. Sometimes plagiarism even occurs accidentally. Still this phenomenon is not acceptable, especially in educational and media spheres.

When does the plagiarism appear in a text?

Plagiarism occurs when:

  1. While using a citation you forget about the proper punctuation.
  2. A quote is in the text but the quotation marks are lost.
  3. Some text is paraphrased too closely to the source.
  4. You are using whole article, essays pretending you wrote it by yourself.
  5. The source of the quotation is wrong.
  6. The text is rewritten by replacing some words with synonyms but the sentence structure is the same.
  7. You write your own thoughts but they coincide with something previously written.

No matter what is the reason of plagiarism, it is not acceptable to copy someone’s intellectual property. That’s why plagiarism checker pdf and other file formats is a very popular tool among students, teachers, publishers, content managers.

Why is it essential to use PDF file format plagiarism checker?

plagiarism checker for pdfPlagiarism checker for pdf files is special software which is able to detect plagiarism in PDF files while most of such programs work with Word documents or demand pasting the text in a special field of the checker. High-quality plagiarism check pdf is able to see both the visual layer and the text layer the PDF format consists of. So it can easily find the coincidences and give a reference to the original text.

How does your perfect plagiarism detector look like?

What are the characteristics of a perfect plagiarism checker for pdf and Word? There are different options that should help for easy and effective work with this tool. Among them such things should be mentioned:

  1. Effective plagiarism detection which can cope with plagiarism cheating techniques and tools such as synonymizing, spaces replacing with invisible characters, Latin to Cyrillic letters changing or other unfair methods to make the text look like unique.
  2. The pdf plagiarism checker free allows working with a huge bulk of information without any payments.
  3. The quality assurance allows proving the uniqueness with the checking report.
  4. Easy to use program with simple interface insures comfort work and time saving.
  5. The plagiarism checker pdf file, MS Word or Notepad format documents scanner is a handy instrument supporting multiple file formats.
  6. Software provides detailed and task-oriented report.
  7. It should demonstrate productivity and be able to scan up to 5 papers online at the same time.
Additional bonuses of using a handy plagiarism checker

While choosing the scanner for your PDF file, remember about the payment. The free assessment makes the program more popular among the users while paid versions provide some additional options. Signing up and creating an account makes our client more informed about all the details of the scanner functioning. Also you have no limits while checking.

The user of high-quality software can view plagiarism check results in the way it is convenient and also the report shows the results according to the set aims.

The program for plagiarism detection is a useful tool which helps millions of users all over the world among whom students, teachers, web writers, content managers and publishers can be found. While PDF remains one of the most popular file formats a special tool for PDF plagiarism detection is one of the most wanted programs.

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