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More and more users are faced with the identity or similarity of the information provided in various sources. This phenomenon causes a huge inconvenience. It’s so hard to find different points of view, all is the same. And each source pretends to have the authorship. This is exactly what is called web plagiarism.

When should you use duplicate checker?

check for duplicateArticles and various texts are subjects of plagiarism more than illustrative images or any other content is. So do you order the texts for your website? How do you check the copywriters’ articles? Different systems have different algorithms and definitions of the percentage of text uniqueness. Use Duplicate content checker to make sure you the users important and interesting information which is not stolen. Protect you content from online thieves and save your exclusiveness. 

Why should every web text be checked for plagiarism before publishing?

Uniqueness is a special index expressed as a percentage. It is easily determined by algorithms of search engines. Low uniqueness is caused by lots of content fragments in the article, which coincide with the previously published content. Accordingly, high uniqueness of the text partially or completely eliminates the matches of content. The basic requirement of high uniqueness of the text appeared as a result of the fact that texts with plagiarism are estimated by search engines like the ones with bad quality. And a site with non-unique content is not ranked highly by the search engines. That’s why the page which contains a rip-off will not be able to attract new visitors and will lose so important traffic. A huge number of so-called “copy-paste” pages can lead to various sanctions used by the search engines to underrate the site. That is why every site optimizer wants to get unique content and has to check for duplicate the articles before using them.

Automatic plagiarism alerts, or how can your site be protected? 

Don’t worry about your content uniqueness because of the online frauds. Perfect protection of your site against plagiarism is possible. You just have to use Duplicate checker which automatically monitors the web and detects the copies of your pages. Then it informs you about it via email at moment they have appeared.

Several reasons to use plagiarism finder

You will always be sure the users are satisfied with what they find on the pages of your website. The situation when the person searches for some information and spends a lot of time for opening useless links which are just duplicating each other is really irritating. 
You will enable your site to reach the top list of the search.
Checking the content is not difficult at all. You just have to insert the text into the online form and click the necessary icon. The program will cope with everything on its own. 

How to check for plagiarism?

  1. First of all you have to copy the text you want to check.
  2. Then you put the text into the special form and click the icon which starts checking.
  3. Wait for the program to analyze the article.
  4. Get the results and decide whether the quality satisfies you or not.

Constant updating and checking your own content is the best way to avoid plagiarism and SEO filters. So try the duplicate checker to control the quality of text and guarantee the loyalty of search machines and internet users.

How does the duplicate content checker work

The system carries out online search for a large number of documents stored in the internet. Deep and professional inspection finds duplicates, used parts of the text and rewrite. So everyone can be protected from plagiarism and content stealing.

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List of benefits
  • Accurately determine the percentage of the uniqueness of the text
  • Locate and highlight non-unique snippets of text directly on the restored copy of the webpage
  • Сarry out the batch search of the whole files folder
The free full version is available during a day
  • Check the web pages for uniqueness
  • Look for matches to the stored copies of the search engines
  • Work with proxy lists etc.