How to Find the Best Online Plagiarism Checking Tool and Detect the Quality of Papers?

While the problem of plagiarism becomes worse and worse the question "what is a good plagiarism checker" occurs. If you find the best anti plagiarism software you will be sure about the quality of every text.

What is plagiarism

This word can be determined as stealth of someone’s intellectual property, for example, pieces of written works or ideas. Academic plagiarism is unacceptable. So both tutor and the student need to find the best plagiarism checker which will fully satisfy their needs.

What are the different types of plagiarism the best free plagiarism software can detect

best plagiarism checkerThe most popular ways of plagiarizing can be divided into several groups:

  1. Pure plagiarism means taking parts of someone’s text without quotation marks or at least paraphrasing. It can be found by any good plagiarism checker free without any issues.
  2. Self-plagiarism can be even accidental when the author uses his previous thoughts or piece of work without mentioning they have been published before.
  3. Mosaic plagiarism means borrowing phrases or using synonyms to change something, but general structure of the work remains the same. Top 10 plagiarism checkers easily find such cheatings.
  4. Accidental plagiarism occurs unintentionally when the author haven’t checked the sources properly and writes what had been written before.

Why check for plagiarism without borders

Among different types of plagiarism it is important to mention intentional plagiarism and unintentional plagiarism. It means that some works may be stolen and used in works written the same language in a case of unintentional plagiarism. While some students can translate pieces of someone’s work and pretend it’s their own. Intentional plagiarism is much more difficult to detect even with the best software to check plagiarism.

Top 10 free or partially free plagiarism detection tools for teachers and students

While checking students’ works teachers and even professors at the universities often face such a problem as plagiarized content. How to detect it and provide learners a stimulus to write their own thoughts and describe personal educational findings? How to know exactly this student was unfair and used copy-paste skill instead of being diligent researcher? To do this, teachers can use good plagiarism checker which enables easy paper quality detection. It’s a good bonus to find among top plagiarism checker software the good plagiarism checker which is provided for free. So we propose to look through top 10 free plagiarism checker list.

  1. One of the best free plagiarism checker software Dupli Checker is completely free and really easy to use even for people who are not computer savvy. It allows pasting the text to check in a special field, entering the URL of a web page containing the necessary text, uploading a whole file. But you have to register to use it up to 50 times per day. Otherwise you can search for plagiarism only once per day.
  2. Copy Leaks is able to work with a huge database – over 60 trillion webpages are available to search for copywrite breaking. It can work with any language and supports different file formats. This service provides best free plagiarism check of entire website, so is only for online content. Service is free for now and requires registration. But soon it is planned to add new options and release paid premium version. Copy Leaks has API which allows users to integrate service with their own product.
  3. Paper Rater is not only one of the best plagiarism checking software but also offers additional tools such as grammar checking and writing suggestions. It was created by linguists, provides readability statistics and title validation. But the reports cannot be saved. Being among top free plagiarism checker it still has a paid version with a lot of advantages, including work with longer documents, advertising absence, quicker processing and option of uploading documents.
  4. Plagiarisma supports more than 190 languages and uses an URL to reach the content to check. But one of the disadvantages is that program finds only exact matches. Also you can use this free version of top plagiarism checker only 3 times per day. While paid version has no limitations.
  5. Plagiarism Checker can be rated as the best free plagiarism detection software for teachers to find the low-quality or even stolen works. It gives some handy instructions to help in using the program. There is an "Author" option which monitors whether your own word has been stolen and placed somewhere online. It looks for phrases separately but still is quite effective.
  6. Plagium demands just simple copy-pasting action to send the text for checking so it’s very easy among the best plagiarism detection software. It works very quickly and can scan 5 thousand words at one time. But sometimes free version is not enough so users have to pay to upload files.
  7. With PlagScan you don’t need to waste time for installation but the scan is limited. The paid Version also gives different plans for schools and universities.
  8. Plag Tracker quickly checks a huge databese of 20 million academic papers to find copywrite cheating and gives a detailed report with results. Paid version scans even more documents and checks the grammar.
  9. Quetext requires copy-pasteing text without the option of uploading text and is quite effective.
  10. Viper works with a huge number of sources among which there are 10 billion academic essays and online publications and offers side-by-side comparisons.

Everything we can write is a result of what we have somewhen heard, read, learned during our life. Of course, some works may look similar without plagiarism. So the best plagiarism checkers look for real cheating and cannot detect borrowed ideas.

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